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November` 2014


PR specialist Yuliya Strizhkina completed collaboration with a singer Sergey Osipenko

"Due to the changing situation in the country and Sergey`s long-term departure from Ukraine our cooperation suspended. This does not negate implementation of joint projects in future, but for now
I'm staring in my own direction," - commented Yuliya.

Yuliya Strizhkina`s Press office

April 08` 2013

The book of prose and poetry "Blondes also think"  by Yuliya Strizhkina was published by Canadian publishing company "MSBooks Publishing" in April 2013.

It will interest readers in philosophical views and delicate irony.

Canadian and Russian writer and the editor-in-chief of the "Crossroads Winnipeg" newspaper Michael Spivak in whose assistance the book was published said: "We got acquainted with Yuliya Strizhkina a few years ago at a kabbalistic forum.

She shared impressions about studying at "Kabbalah Education & Research Institute" very actively, wrote the developed comments and defended her opinion with passion. Communication was curious that is why I suggested Yuliya to write the book, share reflections with readers and open them her inner world".


March 13` 2013

Yuliya Strizhkina's poems were published in the 10-th almanac "The Collection of Poems" of the largest Russian-speaking literary portal devoted to a modern poetry "Stihi.Ru" in March 2013.

The collection will go on sale on the territory of The Russian Federation and will be dispatched in the Russian Book Chamber and the main state libraries also.



«Homo Sapience The Earth Doubts».

Ukrainian Musicians Want To Change The World.


March 2011 joined the ways of three talented people in the world of music.


Ukrainian singer Yuliya Strizhkina who became a winner of international vocal contest «Make A Star» in nomination «Female vocal» one year ago exactly; a talented artist and song’s author – Sergey Osipenko and Subtera – a multiple winner of musical contests, whose works written in various styles sound on radio stations all over the world, decided to create a joint work, «Remember us» by name.


The song is not just a commercial project but an appeal in the true sense of the word to all mankind with a call to think about. As because you know all global disasters (natural disasters, illnesses, catastrophes, earthquakes) are not simply the result of changes in the nature of the Earth but the case of human hands.


The authors of the song Sergey Osipenko and Subtera try to show that everything starts from the least: our mistakes in everyday life become more large-scale then. As a single result – dying out of a whole humanity.


The nature is in us. We are in it,

You value this.

There’s always chance to see the us,

Remember us!


After having built the right relationship and interaction between people and nature one can change the situation only. We have a chance not to be just wiped off the face of the earth but to leave a trace for next generations to remember us.


 This is the meaning of the new song "REMEMBER US", which premier will be in April 2011.

  June 25` 2010


Yuliya Strizhkina wins May Female Solo Artist


Kiev, Ukraine is the home of May’s favorite Female Solo Artist. Meet Yuliya Strizhkina, musician, scholar, businesswoman and television host.

Yuliya’s smooth dance pop hit “If you came without love” has an English title but the vocals are all in Ukrainian.


Listen to Yuliya Strizhkina "If you came without love"


A beginning singer, photo model and TV presenter Yuliya Strizhkina was born in Russia but soon moved to the Ukraine with her family. A childhood student of vocals and piano, Yuliya is also an accomplished dancer and gymnast. In 2000 she entered Kiev National Economic University where she earned a Master of International Economy and Management degree. Having concentrated on her career for most of the last decade, 2009 saw Yuliya make a return to the stage. Her first single “I Will Be” was followed by “If you came without love” whose exciting video had an impressive run in Make A Star’s Music Video contest before taking the prize as May’s Favorite Female Solo Artist.


Strizhkina survived the challenge of very talented Canadian singer Holly Lindin in the Female Solo final - Holly's song "Spirit & the Spirituality" showcases her extraordinary vocal skills.


Listen to Holly Lindin "Spirit & the Spirituality"

It was a down to the wire battle separated by just a few fan votes. We're proud to feature these two exciting new Female Solo Artists on MakeAStar.com.


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